Welcome to Brent Community Acupuncture

 ZENW2 Community Collective, Willesden Green.

We believe everyone should have access to complementary healthcare. Our mission is to make acupuncture more accessible to the community.

Community clinic

Acupuncture is offered in a multibed setting where patients are treated together. This clinic model allows the practitioner to significantly reduce the price of each treatment making it more affordable.

Number of beds
1 -3

Acupuncture is offered in an open space with up to 3 beds. There will be more people treated at the same time as you. We follow  high hygiene standards to keep everyone safe. 

1 -2

We work on a flexible multibed model with 1 to 2 practitioners treating multiple patients. This has the advantage of getting your diagnosis reviewed and being treated by a practitioner with different skills.  

Sliding Scale Payment
£ 30 -£40

You choose how much to pay based on your budget. We believe that people on higher incomes or those who need just a few treatments, should pay more than those on low incomes or with complex conditions . 

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